Cognitive science is an emerging new field of study that endeavors to study the mind from multiple perspectives and disciplines by combining ideas, principles and methods from psychology, linguistics, philosophy, computer science and neuroscience. This knowledge is applied for developing a better understanding of how our minds and brains work while also creating better products, tools, services and policies. Cognitive science is at the frontier of knowledge both in India and across the world.

The primary aim of the cognitive science group at IIT Delhi is to create a knowledge pool that can address relevant problems under the ambit of human cognition both for India and the world at large. It will help students acquire a strong background in theoretical frameworks and empirical approaches of one or more areas of cognitive science.


The Master of Science (MSc) programme in Cognitive Science is being started in 2020 to professionally engage in the expanding frontiers of cognitive science. This is a taught masters programme from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), which houses core disciplines that make up cognitive science such as psychology and linguistics along with interactions from other disciplines from HSS and other departments at IIT Delhi. For details, visit the MSc programme webpage.