Akshat Govekar

M.Sc. Student (2020-2022)

Email: hcs207018@hss.iitd.ac.in

Mechanical engineering from Symbiosis institute of technology

Cognition to me is

I look at it as the mental processes relating to the input and storage of information and how that information is then used to guide your behavior. I understand cognitive processes as the procedures we use to incorporate new knowledge and make decisions based on said knowledge. Different cognitive functions play a role in these cognitive processes: perception, attention, memory, reasoning.

I want to study Cognitive Science because

The speed of Cognitive processes dictate our responses to stimuli, known as our reaction time. I believe live we can train them for faster processing and reduce it’s degeneration through age.

Any specific domain of interest in Cognitive Science

Cybernetics, Artificial intelligence, Cognitive modeling, Cognitive musicology

In future I see Cognitive Science

1) Improve our executive functioning. 2) Better ways to interact with technology. 3) Technologically enhance our brain.

Research interests or other future plans

Neuromorphic computing, Neurotech, Neuromodulation, brain-machine interface, dreams

In my leisure time, I love to

Workout and do Swimming, try out new foods and visit new cafes

Wanna add something about yourself or your interests?

I am greatly inspired by Neurotech and the direction it may take us in future. Like Musk, I believe it’s best for our interest if we integrate artificial intelligence with our brain.