Deepjyoti Sharma

M.Sc. Student (2020-2022)


Bachelors in Science (Mathematics Honours) Tezpur University.

Cognition to me is

Understanding ontology of mentality from a neural, computational, representational, social, and philosophical perspective

I want to study Cognitive Science because

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to study about the mind? Understanding the inner universe of the mind /brain is a worthy investigation to waste your life on.

Any specific domain of interest in Cognitive Science 

I am interested in decision making, language, design, and philosophy of cognitive science

In future I see Cognitive Science

I see robots writing poetry and enquiring about the meaning of life like that of zeema blue in Love, Death & Robots (Netflix animated series) and solving the “ Millennium Prize “ problems.

Research interests or other future plans

Areas that interest me are philosophical aspects of cognition, metacognition, number cognition, and decision making through chess cognition.

In my leisure time, I love to

Play all kinds of sports from chess, table tennis, cricket to even participating in marathons. I Love watching cinema, especially classics from the past era, and teaching mathematics to young school children in my spare time.

Wanna add something about yourself or your interests?

I also listen to the podcast like Very Bad Wizards, JRE, Lexicon Valley, Lex Fridman and hope to start my own podcast someday.