Kumari Vishakha Sharma

M.Sc. Student (2020-2022)

Email: hcs207021@iitd.ac.in

B.Sc. Biology, University of Kota

Cognition to me is

Cognition is ocean of knowledge about the way we are as humans in our behaviour, attention, memory, language and the very thoughts that makes us who we are as a species.

I want to study Cognitive Science because

I see a future of the world governed by cognitive science.

Any specific domain of interest in Cognitive Science

Neuroscience in cognitive science

In the future, I see Cognitive Science

Curing neural disorders (Alzheimer disease, Parkinsons etc.) through Cognitive science

Research interests or other future plans

Neuroscience and neuropsychology

In my leisure time, I love to

Write journal, talk to friends, read books, watch movies