Sagar B Dollin

M.Sc. Student (2020-2022)


BTech Computer Science and Engineering, REVA University

Cognition to me is

the study of the inner world. We spend so much time in our lives talking and learning about the world outside; we often don’t realize how much there is to know about ourselves and the whole world that lies within.

I want to study Cognitive Science because

I’m still the same curious kid I used to be, watching lots of documentaries about the brain, cognition, artificial intelligence, and many other things. This drove me to join the pursuit of unveiling aspects of cognition.

Any specific domain of interest in Cognitive Science

Computational models, Natural Language Processing, Computational Semantics.

In future I see Cognitive Science

Making machines more humane. I envision a future where machines are more humane, lending us a helping hand to make this world a better place every day.

Research interests or other future plans

My research interests are Natural Language Processing and Computational Semantics. I want to work on these fields in the future.

In my leisure time, I love to 

solve problems by programming. And this helps me to understand and build computational models of different aspects of cognition.

Wanna add something about yourself or your interests?

I’m an aspiring cognitive scientist and an engineer from the heart. I like talking about the blend of Cognition and technology. I’m also a Quantum Computing enthusiast, and I think emerging technology will help us understand more about cognition and open new doors of possibilities.