CoboTalk: Man-machine collaboration in computational creativity

Dr. Roy De Kleijn

Title:Man-machine collaboration in computational creativity
Date: 11th August 2021
Time: 5:00 pm (IST)
Link: (Registration required. Free for anyone)

This seminar series is jointly organized by the I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics, CoE BIRD, and the Cognitive Science group of HSS, IIT Delhi.


 Creating agents that generate creative artifacts requires the
use of a reward or fitness function that quantifies the quality of the
created artifacts in terms of creativity, originality, visual
pleasantness, etc. In this talk, he will discuss some recent experiments
that he has done using Neatures, an evolutionary robotics implementation
that produces visual artifacts in the form of a canvas. Manipulating the
sensory input of the agent’s own generated canvas results in different
types of art produced. Many questions remain, however. In order to use
evolutionary algorithms efficiently, it is necessary to automate
artifact evaluation as human evaluation is notoriously slow. But how can
we automate the fitness or reward function evaluation, i.e. what
algorithms can judge the creativity of an artifact? Can we use humans in
a more efficient way? How do these findings relate to what we know about
human creativity?


Roy de Kleijn is a computer scientist and cognitive psychologist
interested in both how interaction with artificial agents affects human
behavior, as well as how the human brain can inspire the design of
artificial agents. His current research interests are evolutionary
robotics, deep reinforcement learning, and human-robot interaction. He
is an assistant professor at Leiden University where he lectures in both
the BSc Artificial Intelligence and the BSc Psychology programs.