Bhoomika R. Kar


Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive and Affective control


Representative Publications
  • Dash, T. & Kar, B. R. (2020). Behavioural and ERP correlates of bilingual language control and general- purpose inhibitory control predicted by L1 and L2 proficiency, Journal of Neurolinguistics, 56
  • Singh, J. P. & Kar, B. R. (2018). Effect of language proficiency on proactive occulomotor control among bilinguals. PLoS One,
  • Kar, B. R., Srinivasan, N., Nehabala, Y., & Nigam, R. (2018). Proactive and reactive control depends on emotional valence: A Stroop study with expressions and words. Cognition and Emotion, 32(2): 325-340. DOI: 10.1080/ 02699931.2017.1304897
  • Kar, B. R, Rao, S. L., Chandramouli, B. A., & Thennarasu, K. (2011). Growth patterns of neuropsychological functions in Indian children. Frontiers in Psychology 2: 240. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2011.00240
  • Gupta, R., Kar, B. R., & Srinivasan, N. (2011).  Cognitive-Motivational Deficits in ADHD: Development of a Classification System. Child Neuropsychology, 17(1), 67-81.
  • Kar, B. R. & Rao, S. L. (2008). Cognitive development in children with chronic protein energy malnutrition. Behavioural and Brain Functions, 4: 31.

Bhoomika Rastogi Kar is Professor and Head of the Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Allahabad. She received her PhD at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, in 2003. She is trained as a Clinical Psychologist during her MPhil in Medical and Social Psychology from Central Institute of Psychiatry and as a Neuropsychologist during her doctoral work. She specializes in the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. Her research interests include development of cognitive and affective control, bilingualism, anxiety and cognitive control, aging and emotion regulation and cognitive disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD.