Paroma Sanyal


Associate Professor
Theoretical Phonology and Morpho-Syntax

MS 649 B, IIT Delhi, Haus Khas, New Delhi 110016, India

Phone: +91-(0)11-2654 1399


Representative Publications
  • Sanyal Paroma (Forthcoming) Anti-Identity constraints in morphological paradigms. Proceedings of Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages (FASAL) 7, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA, March 2017.
  • Sanyal Paroma and Reena Ashem (2017). Phonemic Instability: A butterfly effect. (with Reena Ashem) Proceedings of Generative Linguistics of the Old World (GLOW) in Asia XI Vol. (2) (ed.) Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Working Papers in Linguistics (ISSN: 1049-1058).
  • SanyalParoma and Manujata (2015). Prosodic Morpho-phonology and Echo formation in Punjabi. Indian Linguistics. Volume 75

Paroma Sanyal is a theoretical linguist who works in constraint based theories of phonology (Optimality Theory and Harmonic Grammar) and realisational theories of morpho-syntax(Distributed Morphology and Exoskeletal approach). As a phonologist her major work has been in the co-occurance restrictions of phonological segments in cases of vowel harmony, reduplication and OCP. At present she is using syllabification of nonce consonantal strings as a test to understand the syllabification biases in various natural languages. As a morpho-syntactician, she works on the compositionality of complex words in the syntactic computation to understand how such compositionality interfaces with the phonological component of the grammar. Specifically, her work seeks to analyze the syncretism and allomorphic patterns in natural languages, as well as the contexts that block accidental homophony. The languages she has worked on include Bangla, Hindi, Chungli (Ao), Malayalam, Gta? (Munda), Meeteilon, Punjabi among others.