CogSci Colloquium Talk: Cultural artifacts as both reflecting and affecting cognition

Prof. Douglas Medin

Professor at Northwestern University

Title: Cultural artifacts as both reflecting and affecting cognition
Date: March 24
Time: 6:00 pm (IST)

There are striking cultural differences in how human-nature relations are conceptualized. This talk describes a range of methods for understanding these relationships, including the analysis of cultural artifacts (big data), using comparisons of European-American and Native-American samples as illustrations.

About the Speaker
Prof. Medin is a world renowned expert in the area of cognition. His work combines insights from psychology and anthropology and strives to understand how our expertise and cultural background influence our mental picture of the world. Students and faculty colleagues interested in the nature of human mind and its social and cultural underpinnings should find this talk stimulating. The talk is intended for a general audience and will not assume any expert knowledge.