CogSci Colloquium Talk:
The role of anthropomorphization in human-robot interaction

Dr. Roy De Kleijn

Assistant Professor at Leiden University

Title: The role of anthropomorphization in human-robot interaction
Date: Wednesday, 23rd of February 2022
Time: 05:00 pm (IST)
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During human-robot interaction, some robots can be seen as social actors depending on the task. As such, humans show empathy and altruism toward them. But how do we decide how empathic or altruistic to behave toward them? If these social phenomena are inborn, we could expect some effect of human-likeness. In this talk, Dr. Kleijn will discuss his (and others’) work on anthropomorphization: the attribution of human traits to non-human agents, and its effects.

About the Speaker
Roy de Kleijn is an assistant professor at Leiden University, lecturing on topics such as artificial intelligence, computational modeling, artificial neural networks, and cognitive psychology. He received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and his M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Leiden University, graduating on the thesis Computational modeling of individual differences using stochastic information accumulation models, supervised by Jay McClelland at Stanford University. He received his Ph.D. from Leiden University under the supervision of Bernhard Hommel, for the dissertation Control of complex actions in humans and robots.