CogSci Colloquium Talk: Brain mapping protocols and application in health and disease

Prof. Kanwal Preet Kochhar

Department of Physiology, AIIMS, New Delhi

Title: Brain mapping protocols and application in health and disease
Date: Friday, 12th of November, 2021
Time: 5:00 pm (IST)


The most critical need in the field of clinical psychology is unifying firmly grounded theoretical principles with real-time clinical practice and modern-day neuroimaging advances. Several neuroimaging techniques are used to study cortical function. A non-invasive neuroimaging technique known as Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), that measures cortical activation by recording changes in oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin has gained a lot of popularity recently. fNIRS is being widely recognized as a tool to supplement cognitive and affective assessment, social functioning, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation and can be effectively employed to assess real-time affective, perceptual, visual, and motor and language functioning of adults as well as infants. In her talk, Prof Kocchar would be describing fNIRS as a useful tool for comprehensive assessment of both healthy and pathological cortical working.

About the Speaker

Prof. Kanwal Preet Kochhar is currently a Professor and Heads the Neurophysiology Lab at the Department of Physiology, AIIMS, New Delhi. Prof. Kochhar holds several degrees in medicine including MBBS and BS from Rohtak Medical College, Punjab and MD and PhD from AIIMS, New Delhi. Prof Kochhar is a doctor, teacher, and scientist with a special interest in cognitive neuroscience, traditional diet, lifestyle, and integrative medicine and has several international publications to her credit. She has a love for literature and languages and has authored a book on poetry titled ‘Mellowed Moods’. Her interest in positive psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and cognitive neurophysiology have been spurred by a deep faith in goodness and Gurbani to overcome trials and hard times. She loves mentoring and fostering creativity, strength and values in her students and children.

Prof Kochhar is the chief investigator of Ethics and Attitudes to Medicine at AIIMS, since 1993. She is also the joint secretary of Indian Doctors for Peace and Development since 1997. Prof Kochhar has been the vice president of the All India Bioethics Association since 1998 and is a proud member of Medical Research Society, United Kingdom, International Bioethics Network, and New York Academy of Sciences. She has also been listed as a noteworthy physiologist and educator by Marquis Who’s Who.